Friday, February 1, 2008

More fun with bread

We now haven't bought bread for over a month. The no-knead variety has been working well for us - except for some occasional lapses. I used white wholewheat flour one day and ended up with something you could use to go curling with.
However, as I have become more practised and am able to judge the texture better, I have started to use a pre-ferment instead of the yeast. Now, when I bake a batch, I make a little more than the recipe calls for, make sure I use spring water (no chlorine) and keep a little of the dough back. Add some fresh flour to it, a little more water and let it sit in a quiet room for a couple of days. Using that instead of the yeast in the next batch adds an even greater depth of flavor. I have also stopped using a parchment sling. It is easy enough to get the bread into and out of the dutch oven by rolling it off the towel. The crust is more even and the overall shape and texture better.

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