Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bread tribulations

In previous posts, I have described the no-knead bread. ( We have had our share of hockey pucks and loaves that were too moist. I think we may have finally got to the root of the problem. The standard quantity of dough makes a batch that is really too small for the dutch oven that we use. So it has an irritating tendency to spread sideways until it reaches the edge of the oven while rising. This leaves a strangely domed loaf that looks more like a viking burial mound than a loaf of bread.

Trying an experiment using miniature dutch ovens (actually soup bowls with lids) and small quantities of dough, we were able to get loaves that were more evenly formed and had better texture. So for the most recent normal loaf, we made a double batch of dough and baked it all at once in the standard dutch oven. This loaf rose beautifully, had a nice loose crumb, a delicious crust and will be responsible for us both gaining weight at an alarming rate. It was made, as usual, using a starter, there hasn't been an addition of yeast now for 6 weeks. The flavors are developing to be deeper. All in all this experiment has been worth it.

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Deborah said...

I haven't tried the no knead bread yet, but mainly because I don't have a dutch oven! I am hoping to get one soon so I can try it out.