Sunday, February 23, 2014

A sort of screwdriver

Photo: This evening's cocktail. A kind of screwdriver. Blood orange, Meyer lemon, few drops of habanero vodka, a little ginger syrup and absolute citron....

I am allowed to drink alcohol again. We had a modest celebration yesterday with a cocktail. In the house we had some blood oranges, Meyer lemons and the usual array of pantry staples. So, to create an interesting cocktail. Madame is quite the cocktail lover (her favorite of course being, "The Last Word'), but I digress.


4 oz Absolut Citron
Juice of 2 blood oranges
Juice of 1 Meyer lemon
1t habanero vodka
1T Ginger syrup (see this recipe here)


Put plenty of ice into a cocktail shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and shake well until chilled (30 or so shakes). Pour into martini glasses and enjoy. You can garnish with a lemon twist if so desired.

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