Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day in Dinner

We thought it would be fun to do a dinner where each course comes from a different meal - with a twist, of course. This was described to the guests as an experiment in tastes, temperatures and textures.
So after some pretty intense menu planning, and testing we decided upon the following:

The event was a great success. The wow factor of the bacon/egg ice cream really got people talking. Thanks to Heston Blumenthal for the inspiration. The recipes for the various dishes are in individual blog postings. The cooking of the oxtails is shown here. However we served it differently, so I will describe that in the appropriate posting.
Plates were cleaned! One guest asked us all to close our eyes so he could lick his plate. 
I had learned some terrific lessons from my very good friend Chef David Gilbert
  • Keep an area aside for plating/serving - we added a picnic table to the kitchen for this.
  • Sous vide cooking can make food incredibly rich, tender, tasty with little risk
  • Make everything, using great ingredients
  • Don't be afraid 
  • Keep the work areas clean
Working alongside him for the dinner theater was an eye opener. So, as is often the case when stretching myself in the kitchen, I like to channel the "Little Fella". Thanks Dave - and thanks for the gear!

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