Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oven temperatures

My friend Judy, from Germany has asked that I post temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. She mentioned that she had ruined a dinner because of an error in conversion, so here goes. Oh, and while I am about it, I have added the gas marks that are used widely in British gas ovens. The "Cooking Instructions" column is imprecise, so a bit of judgment is needed if you are to rely on it. Of course, the conversions are not directly accurate - they are all rounded. So if you are using Celsius, you may need to check more frequently/earlier.
Cooking InstructionsFahrenheitCelsiusGas Mark
Very Hot4752459
Very Hot4502308
Quick/Fairly Hot4002056
Moderately Hot3751905
Very Slow/Very Low2751351
Very Slow/Very Low2501201/2
Very Slow/Very Cool2251101/4

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris. The table is really helpful. Cheers, Judy